Feminized Citro Haze marijuana seeds are mostly long-flowering Sativa from the Helvetic Seeds gene pool. Acclimatised in the southernmost canton of Switzerland (Ticino), it is an ideal strain for Mediterranean, with warmer climates and the ones with the highest percentage of THC in this seedbank's catalogue.


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Feminized Citro Haze Marijuana Seeds

Helvetic Seeds' Citro Haze feminized marijuana seeds come directly from the genetic heritage preserved by this bank in the country of Switzerland. It is the result of a genetic selection made with Super Lemon Haze in the southern cantons of this country and is the plant with the highest percentage of THC in the catalog of this seedbank. They also have an intense citrus flavor, and that is why they are called Citro (meaning lemonade) Haze.

Citro Haze is a strain that is recommended for more experienced growers becausee needs time for harvesting, better in the warmest climates or with Mediterranean character, since it is a plant with long flowering. Due to its markedly Sativas characteristics, it is a plant that can reach more than 3 meters outdoors and 1.5 meters indoors. That's why ScrOG is the most recommended cultivation technique for better control. At the end of flowering it is a plant that produces a good amount of buds with a thick layer of resin.

Thus, it is possible to indicate that Citro Haze yield is high indoors, being able to be very high outdoors, even the seedbank does not indicate specific values. With the help of growing lights, this plant can be harvested in about 12 weeks of flowering while outdoors, in natural light, it can be harvested up to about two months after the end of summer.

Citro Haze, as indicated above, is the plant with the highest percentage of THC in this bank's catalogue, so its effect is very powerful. Due to its genetic component, it is a weed that produces a very cerebral, stimulating and creative effect, which makes it ideal for sharing with friends and having a good time.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this strain is its intense taste and aroma, very citric, with a very intense acid touch. Come on, it's ideal for all lemonade lovers.

Characteristics of Citro Haze Marijuana



Genotype: 70% Sativa

Genetics: Super Lemon Haze Selection

THC: high, undeclared values

CBD: undeclared values

Indoor yield: high, undeclared values

Outdoor yield: high - very high, undeclared values

Flowering: 12 weeks indoors, outdoors about two months after the end of summer

Height: 1.5 mt, up to 3 mt (outside)

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