Trimbox is a bud peeler following the same principles as the Trimpro. It is the same, but a smaller size version. Light, efficient and easy to set up and use, it is suitable for any kind of growers.

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TrimBox for Growing Marijuana

Trimbox is a bud peeler following the same principles as the Trimpro. It is the same, but a smaller size version. Trimbox is light, efficient and easy to use since it can be installed on any table or working surface with brackts and clamps included. It can also be removed easily if you need to carry it.

After the harvest, the time has come to release your buds from the leaves and branches. Trimbox will help you to do that in a fast and clean manner without the need of a vacuum cleaner. With its tempered stell blade, you can cut plants cleanly without damaging them, paring amounts of up to 600g at once.

Take a branch of the freshly harvested plant in your hand and move it over the grill with a back and forth movement combined with a gradual rotation of the plant.

It is important to consider some security measures: never put fingers or gloves or other body parts in contact with the grade or the blade; never apply pressure on the grill; never use scissors, knives or other instruments on the grill; gloves and safety glasses should be worn at all times; the gloves have to be tight to prevent the hand ever getting caught in the gaps of the grill.

The manufacturer accepts no liability caused by cutting resulting from use or improper assembly. Use cutting machines in accordance with existing laws.

Features of Trimbox:

  • Machine measures: 21,5cm ( diameter) x 22.9cm
  • Approximate weight: 6.4kg
  • Materials: PVC (cylinder), aluminum (grid )
  • Grill options: wide Trimbox (STD), large slots (11mm)/Trimbox narrow, small grooves (7,93mm)
  • Packaging measures: 30,5cm x 22.9cm x 25,4cm


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