This indoor growing closet kit of 400W of power has everything needed to carry out a great indoor Marijuana cultivation.

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Indoor Growing Closet Kit 400W

This indoor growing closet kit of 400W of power with a specific closet for Cannabis cultivation has everything needed to carry out a great indoor. This growing kit with closet is suitable for those growers who wants to make a complete and simple cultivations harboring an excellent value/cost ratio. Morevoer, this growing kit includes components of well-known brands.

This Indoor Growing kit with closet includes the following elements:

1x closet to be choosen on the dropdown

1x indoor cultivation mixed lamp of 400W (growth and flowering ) from the Sylvania Grolux brand.

1x Ballast of 400W ready to plug

1x Cooltube reflector of 125mm

1x Analogue Programmer Timer

1x Digital Programmer Timer

1x Digital hygrometer with maximum and minimum memory function

1x Digital pH meter from ADWA

12x Black square pots of 7 liters

12x Jiffys for planting after germination

1x Mini greenhouse

1x Growth fertilizer of 1 liter capacity

1x Bloom fertilizer of 1 liter capacity

1x TT125mm extractor of 230m3/hour of power

1x TT100mm extractor of 190m3/hour of power

1x Aluconnect Tube of 125mm of diameter and 5 meters of length

1x Anti-odor filter

1x Fan with a clip

1x Pipette

2x Easy Rollers Pulleys to hang the reflector

1x Pack of 10 automatic feminized Marijuana seeds to be choosen by the client


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