This Bloom Cultivation Kit specifically designed for the flowering period includes a Plug & Play ballast, a reflective mirror or stucco, a Philips Son T Plus lamp and all you need to start working wiht it!

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Bloom Cultivation Kit for Growing Marijuana

This cultivation kit includes materials coming from the best brands. You can select the power of this cultivation kit from the dropdown. This specific kit for flowering crops has the following elements to cultivate Cannabis:

- Safety Plug & Play (Ballast), ambivalent of 400W or 600W.

- Wire of large length with injected plug.

- Reflective mirror or stucco.

- Philips Son T Plus Sodium lamp.

- Ready to plug.

The grow kits are delivered as mounted as possible. However and considering that these grow kits sometimes have distinct configurations you will need to make some type of connection when you receive it, but always in a simple way of doing it.

The Philips Son T Plus lamp is by far the most reputed lamp existing on offering great flowering results not being recommendable for the vegetative phase since a lot of the spectrum is lost. For greater vegetative outcomes it is necessary to change it by a a Philips Son T Agro lamp, specific for growth.

The two different powers available from this kit you can cultivate in a higher or shorter areas. Some growers use more power than others for the same growing area.


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