Sale of the cheap LED growing kit that includes the products to home growing saving the most possible energy cost. It includes a lamp for growth and another one for flowering.

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This pack contains


Cheap LED indoor growing kit

This affordable LED marijuana growing kit is the most economical of all, it includes two LED lamps that allows produce more and consume less. Buy your 50W+65W LED indoor and get all the products you need to get an indoor.

All the products included in the cheap LED indoor growing kit is the guarantee of success. This growing kit is intended for those growers who want a successful harvest without complications and at the best price. All components that make up this offer are inexpensive and enough for a personal home grow.

It includes 2 LED lamps to be able to grow with the latest technology and almost without any light consumption. Furthermore, the use of 2 different lamps optimizes each of the cultivation phases, as the spectrum of both are perfectly defined for growth and bloom.

This LED growing kit for marijuana includes the following products:

1x Cabinet to choose from the drop-down menu (you can also choose without a cabinet).

1x LED indoor grow lamp with 50W of growth

1x LED indoor grow lamp 65W of flowering.

1x Stucco or mirror reflector

1x Cable with plug

1x Analogic time programmer

2x Aluminium flexible tube 102mm of 1m

1x Digital Thermohygrometer with memory for maximums and minimums

1x Reactive PH meter

6x 5.5 litre square black pots

1x T 100mm screw extractor with 96m3/hour power

1x Measuring pipette

2x Pulleys 

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Now on in your orders you will receive even more gifts, in addition to the free seed every 30€ you will also receive one or more of these gifts: lighter, grinder, beach bag, t-shirt and cap.