Growkit with LEC technology. Great for all indoor crops, it is composed of reflector with incorporated ballast. This kit is offered with or without lamp, if you buy only the kit, the lamp must be purchased separately. The LEC growkit offers the same yield as 600W sodium and half of the light consumption!

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Lumii Solar LEC marijuana growkit

The Lumii Solar LEC 315w is a LEC technology (Light Emitting Ceramic) marijuana growkit, a new technology that brings the benefits of ceramic emission lamps to Cannabis cultivation.

According to several studies made with this technology, the great advantage of this type of lighting system resides in its increase in the production of plants using low energy consumption. In particular, this growkit achieve the same yield than the traditional 600W HPS with only 315W of light consumption meanwhile the LEC 630W can achieve the same numbers presented by the 1000W HPS system! That's twice as much yield with the same energy!

Thus, with this type of bulb, we can reduce heat in the plants, increase efficiency and, best of all, the gear can last up to 100,000 hours and the bulb up to 15.000!

We offer this LEC growkit to you complete or without bulb, in case you already have yours, choose from the drop-down menu the option that best suits to you and start growing more efficiently.

Características del Kit LEC

  • Integrated ballast and reflector
  • Ballast with soft-ignition technology, extending bulb life
  • Can be used as a main light source, or as a sipplementary light
  • Extremely high PAR levels
  • Short-circuit protection system
  • The lamp is LEC ceramic, perfect for growth and flowering, Philips or Lumii to choose from
  • The 630w LEC system has two LEC bulbs and a reflector adapted to support both. 

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