Diamond Nectar is an organic booster for Marijuana plants being suitable for all phases of cultivation. It includes a very important element, soluble humus that comes from the heart of the earth and is perfect to stimulate the plant growth.

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Diamond Nectar for Growing Marijuana

Diamond Nectar is a 100% organic and natural booster for Cannabis plants, being suitable for all phases of cultivation.

Its principal ingredient comes from the heart of lands of New Mexico where over centuries has become a fantastic place of Leonardite, a material that, as diamond and carbon, can only be found in the depths of the earth and should be used with extreme care.

The natural component called humus is obtained from Leonardite being composed by fulvic and humic acids thus enriching greatly the formula of Diamond Nectar and offering unique nutrients and growth boosters very hard to find.

The nutrients from Diamond Nectar are elements of easy absorption, thus facilitating their use; it facitlitates internal distribution of these nutrients and make them to arrive faster to the trunk, roots, leaves and of obviously flowers and fruits; it is 100% organic being ideal fro growers who choose for an organic farming; and is able to generate in hydroponic systems a similar environment exisitng on soil cultivation. Diamond Nectar reduces the pH of the solution. It is imperative to pour water before correcting the pH level.

Get ready to get faster, plentiful and powerful crops and plants with a better taste and perfume. Use Diamond Nectar as an additive component, combined with complete fertilizers. You can use it as a nutrient solution or as a foliar spray in hydroponics and soils. Add 2-3ml per liter of water during the entire the plant life cycle and never use more than 20 ml per liter of water.

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