Ripen | Cultivation of Marijuana


Ripen is a fertilizer specially developed for the final period of flowering of Marijuana plants. It provides an extra energy for the plant to make the last effort thus offering better tasting crops.

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Ripen fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Ripen is a fertilizer specially developed for the final period of flowering of Marijuana plants. It consists of a mixture of mineral salts and buffers formulated to accelerate the maturation and to improve the content of active ingredients. This is particularly important because in the final stage of flowering, the plants is often weakened and consequently, the nutrient uptake capacity is lower than in other phases of their life cycle. Its formula also gives to the plant all the mineral ions it needs to make the final effort.

Ripen transmits to the plant a strong signal tto let it know that it will reach at the end of the flowering. The plant reacts with an accelerated flowering and fruiting, striving to reproduce itself before disappearing. It activates the defence of the plant and therefore its active ingredients. In case of excessive accumulation of nitrates and trace elements on the plant, it helps to metabolize these residues. It also favours a better taste of the harvest.

Ripen is especially helpful if you want, for example, to speeds up one crop to prevent it from being damaged by cold or by a pest or pathogen, or if you want to help late plants to maturate. In general, it can be used to harmonize or to stimulate the end of the cycle.

Ripen is suitable for both hydroponic, soil or aero-hydroponic croppings and we recommend to apply it during the last 10 days of the flowering phase.

Available in 1L bottles.

For dosage adjusted to each type of crop, follow the instructions on the bottle.


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