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pH - from General Hydroponics is pH regulator agent that raises the acidity of the water and adjusts the level of calcium. Especially helpful in case of hard waters.

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pH - for Growing Marijuana

pH - is a liquid that controls and stabilizes the pH level of Marijuana plants. Made from biological regulators, it raises the acidity of the water and adjust the level of calcium, thus being particularly helpful in case of hard waters.

pH - is not just an acid, it includes a mixture carefully developed from acids and biological buffers that offers the plant everything it needs besides lowering the pH of the solution and stabilizes it. Only for specifice conditions.

A correct pH level is crucial to ensure a proper absorption of minerals by the plants, however, there is not an ideal pH so it must be adjusted according to each plant. Alow pH level generally promotes the absorption of anions. In this way, General Hydroponics recommends a moderate pH level, of between 5.5 and 6.2

pH - should be apply only once at the starting of the cultivation system, the pH will remain stable throughout the life cycle of the plant. In some farming systems however, a gradual drop in the pH can be observed so we recommend to use a little of pH + to recover the correct pH.

Available in 1L bottles.


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