Bio Bloom stimulates the growth and flowering of your Marijuana plants through a formula developed from bio boosters or bio stimulators that are 100% organic.

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Bio Bloom fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Bio Bloom is an booster of the growth and flowering of Cannabis plants. Its formula includes bio boosters or bio stimulators that are 100% organic, a natural and highly effective component.

Bio Booster is involved in all growth and flowering processes from plants thus helping to give the best of themselves in a natural way. It stands out by its remarkable capability to relocate nutrients in the deficit parts of the plant thus balancing its nutrition and raising therefore the ability to assimilate nutrients to up to 20%.

Besides that, Bio Booster also activates beneficial microorganisms in the root environment promoting the circulation of the plant and improving its nutrient uptake. Finally, it improves the photosynthesis process that consequenlty leads to a higher production of larger leaves and contributes for the absorption of calcium by the plant.

All of this make the plant to enjoy a global harmony in a healthier way yielding great crops.

Available in 30ml bottles.


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