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BioSevia Grow is a growth fertilizer that belongs to Bio Sevia series, a complete fertilizer 100% organic available in two different kinds: BioSevia Grow and BioSevia Bloom.

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BioSevia Grow Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

BioSevia Grow is a 100% natural growth that contains everything needed to be classified as a bio stimulant throughout the world. It belong to Bio Sevia series, a bio fertilizer available in two different kinds: BioSevia Grow for the growth period and Bio Sevia Bloom for the flowering stage.

BioSevia Grow can be used in all types of crops, including hydroponics, where, unlike other biological fertilizers is able to give results similar to those offered in land crops. Most of bio fertilizers contains large particles that break down when dissolved in water producing adverse consequences such as smells or jams drains.

In opposite to other Bio fertilizers, Bio Sevia Bloom has an excellent solubility thus making it compatible with hydroponic systems. Hence, it can also be called "bioponic" fertilizer. Besides that, it contains fulvic and humic acid, essential elements to improve the natural environment conditions and to enhance the uptake nutrient capability by the plant. Finally, it also offers a great sweet taste to Marijuana plants.

Available in 1L bottles.

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