Sage 'N Sour | Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Sage 'N Sour Marijuana is one of those strains that you will love at first sight. Its effect is potent, upliftting, energetic durable. It is also highly productive.

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Feminized Sage 'N Sour Marijuana Seeds

SAGE is the quintessential strain from TH seed bank, who decided to cross it with Sour Diesel. This cross has resulted in the amazing Sage 'N Sour providing a potent, long-lasting and cerebral effect.

Sage 'N Sour has a distinct taste, a unique combination of flavors and fragrance scents as diverse as the aroma of sage and herbs, spicy flash as a petrol with an earthy touch.

This strain is highly recommended for daytime or for social situations. The high of Sage 'N Sour is fully cerebral. It will hit with an energetic and euphoric sensation grealty stimulating the laugther being also uplifting and relaxing. With such high it will be Impossible for you to stay still on the couch! This state of joy is typically long-lasting, of around 2 hours. In fact, Sage 'N Sour offers almost everything we can ask from a sativa Cannabis!

Due to its extreme powerful effect, this strain is not recommended for first-timers. This power can be used by patients for therapeutic applications. It can be used to treat stress but can also be used in cases of pain and depression. A large number of people consume it to mitigate the insomnia or fatigue.

Sage 'N Sour is sativa dominant (90%) and much stretched. Its branches makes it very suitable for hydroponics. This Marijuana strain is strong, it tolerates well thermal changes and is highly resistant to mold. Besides that, it remains quite small not usually exceeding 1.20m. or 1.40 m high. The flowering period beigins early since the crop can be collected in 9 to 11 weeks, what makes the waiting worthy.

Another advantage of Sage 'N Sour is its very high productivity. The harvest is plentiful giving more than 350 grams per square meter. This culminates in many buds, which look like small cotton balls, airy and bright. They have dark green and orange pistils.

Features of Sage 'N Sour Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: Sativa dominant
  • THC: Not stated CBD: Not stated
  • Genetics: Sour Diesel x Sage
  • Flowering: 63 days
  • Crop: October


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