Chicle Aka Bubble Dawg is a feminized indica Marijuana strain that comes from a cross of great quality. It is easy to grow, small, has a chiclet taste and ideal for extrations. 

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Feminized Chicle Aka Bubbledawg Marijuana Seeds

Chicle Aka Bubble Dawg is a feminized indica Marijuana strain from T.H. Seeds. This strain comes from a cross of high quality, being created by crossing  Bubblegum with Chemdawg, resulting in an exceptional variety. Of note, this strain was created in Spain.

Due to its ease of cultivation, Chicle Aka Bubbledawg is suitable for beginners. It grows strong and also tolerates some growing errors. It is suitable for all kinds of substrates and culture media.

The plants of Chicle Aka Bubbledawg reach a low/meidum size, have a short internodal distance and not very large leaves. The bud/leaf ratio is quite good.

Chicle Aka Bubbledawg was especially created to get the best resin possible, both in quantity and quality. Indeed, the quality of its genetics has made it to be one of the best strains for resin extractions.

Chicle Aka Bubbledawg provides a relaxing and powerful effect that persists over time. 

Regarding its taste we can say that it is very intense and satisfies any palate. Is mainly sweet, fruity as its name implies, of pure gum with a a kerosne and lime background.

Main features of Chicle Aka Bubbledawg Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Cross: Bubblegum x Chemdawg

Genotype: Índica

THC: High - CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 7 - 8 weeks

Indoor production: Up to 550 gr/m2 Outdoor: Up to 800 grams per plant

Harvest: one week after the end of summer

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