Black Domina | Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Black Domina is a feminized Marijuana strain and one of the most reputed Indica in all history. its devastating high will not leave you indifferent; compact and highly performant.

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Feminized Black Domina Marijuana Seeds

Black Domina is a feminized Marijuana strain and one of the most reputed Indica in all history. Black Domina is almost pure Indica pura, reated by crossing the best Indica lineages of Sensi Seeds.

Black Domina offers great stability, homogenous, robust and vigorous plants from the beginning. This beauty was created from Northern Lights, Ortega Indica, Hash Plant and Afghani #1: what more can Indica lovers ask for? In our modest opinion, Black Domina has definitevely everything.

This strain has a fast flowerig being harvested after 50 or 60 days in a growing room. If cultivated outdoors, it will be ready for harvest two or three weeks after the end of summer.

The plants of Black Domina cover their flowers with a fruity resin from the first weeks of flowering. They have a compact structure, reach low to moderate heights and have short interndal distances.  

Black Domina develops a central stem a bit more dimensioned. Besides that and as its name suggests, some specimens will acquire dark green, almost black hues thus being an outstanding strain!

Black Domina also offers high yields, although Sensi Seeds does not give a more specific data, those who cultivate it say that is a good producer.

Black Domina provides a profound relaxing high. It can also be used medicinally for stress relief or to fight insomnia.

Main features of Black Domina Marijuana:

  • Feminized

  • Indoor/outdoor

  • Genotype: índica

  • Genetic: Northern Lights x Ortega Índica x Hash Plant x Afghani #1

  • THC: unknown

  • CBD:unknown

  • Production: High
  • Plantation: Spring on outdoors or all year on indoors. 

  • Flowering: 50-60 days (indoors and outdoor - northern hemisphere)


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