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Buy cheap Washing Machine cannabis seeds from Ripper Seeds, a high quality genetics coming from a cross betweeen an elite clone of Bubba Kush with UK Cheese. It is an Indica-dominant strain with a special aroma and the ability to generate active cannabinoids. 


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Washing Machine feminized seeds by Ripper Seeds

The Washing Machine seeds from the Barcelona seed bank Ripper Seeds have one of the most special genetics ever created. This variety has genes from UK Cheese, a strain that became popular in the UK in the 90s for its characteristic cheesy aroma and endurance, also and is a strain obtained by the legendary breeders' collective "Exodus". Ripper Seeds combined it with an elite Bubba Kush clone to produce Washing Machine, a multi-awarded that has won 4 trophies since its inception to the market. 

What is Washing Machine like?

Washing Machine is indica dominant and Ripper Seeds advertise that it can deliver plants with a compact structure, bushy stature, short internodal distance and a proliferation of large flowers. The Ripper Seeds breeders report that this strain has great vigour in and can produce a large layer of resin when it reaches flowering. When exposed to low temperatures, Washing Machine can develop purple colourations and white trichomes that give this strain a very eye-catching appearance. 

Flowering time for Washing Machine is 60-70 days indoors and about two weeks after the end of summer outdoors.

Washing Machine has been awarded with numerous prizes at the Outdoor THC Cup 2017, Indoor THC Cup 2016 and Resins Expogrow Cup 2016. In addition to a second prize at the CATFAC Bio Cup 2015.

Washing Machine Production capacity

Washing Machine's yield capacity is described as good, which is understandable given its Indica genetics. One of the defining characteristics of this sub-genre of Cannabis is high production, and this is attested to in the Washing Machine. 

Common effects

Washing Machine has the ability to produce active cannabinoids such as THC. Ripper Seeds has not yet released the results of the cannabinoid test, so THC and CBD concentrations cannot be given. Its Indica genetics suggest that this strain can produce relaxing sensations.

Organoleptic properties

Washing Machine has complex organoleptic properties due to its parents. It is possible to smell the cheesy aroma of UK CHeese and the earthy, sweet touch of Bubba Kush, making it a strain with a complex terpene profile dominated by myrcene, caryophyllene and linalool.

Washing Machine main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor
Genotype: Indica dominant
Genetics: UK Cheese x Bubba Kush
THC: Not Declared
CBD: Not declared
Flowering: 60 - 70 days indoors or around the second week after summer outdoors
Yield: High