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GrapeGum is a feminized Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds being a hybrid of Canadian genetics with good yields and complex flavor.


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Feminized GrapeGum Marijuana Seeds

GrapeGum is a feminized Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds created by crossig Canadian genetic with our most productive Índica This cross has resulted in a specimens with complex flavors and with great value for money.

GrapeGum develops well-balanced hybrid plants due to the uniformity that harbors. Several years of work were needed to get this great strain. 

This variety has a normal flowering period being ready in 9 - 10 weeks in a growing room. In the garden, this strain will be ready for harvest very soon, only one week after the end of summer.

GrapeGum is high-yielder, offering productions of up to 500gr / m2 on indoors and up to one kilogram per plant on outdoors.

The taste of GrapeGum is very complex harboring different layers that overlap each other with a sweet and intense base that will delight the palate of who always seek new flavors.

GrapeGum provides a moderate effect hitting both the body and brain being slightly stimulating and perfect for any activity or for socialize.

Main features of GrapeGum Marijuana:

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized medicinal

Genotype: Hybrid, slightly Sativa (60%- 40%)

Genetic:  Not declared

THC: High CBD: Not declared

Indoor flowering: 65 - 70 days

Production: High both indoors and outdoors

Outdoor harvest: One week after the end of summer 

Maximum outdoor height: 350 centimeters.