Double Glock is a feminized oure Indica Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds that provides a physical-only effect. Very stable and homogeneous. Suitable for medicinal puposes.

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Feminized Double Glock Marijuana Seeds

Double Glock is a feminized pure Indica Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds that comes from the valleys of a remote region of Afghanistan. After a selection process of several years we now offer you the result.

Double Glock is a delight for any grower since it does not demand any especial care, it is also highly resistant to some growing errors and is ideal to make your own crossings due to its uniformity and homogeneity for each of its genes.

Double Glock has a hashish taste that is intense and mainly earthy.

The plant grows in a compact manner having short internodal distances thus being suitable for indoor cultivations or for reduced spaces.

Double Glock also has a fast flowering period being ready in just 9 weeks when grown indoors while on the outside it can harvested one week after the end of summer.

The maximum yield that Double Glock can offer is up to 500gr / m2 in a growing room and up to 900 grams per plant in the garden.

We recommend to give it at least 2 weeks of vegetative growth before passing it to bloom. 

Double Glock provides a powerful and very relaxing effect being totally corporal thus being ideal for medicinal purposes. 

Main features of Double Glock Marijuana:

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized and medicinal

Genotype: pure Índica (100%)

Genetic:  Afghan

THC: High CBD: High

Indoor flowering: 60 - 65 days

Production: Up to 500gr/m2 on indoors, up to 900 grams per plant on outdoors

Outdoor harvest: One week after the end of summer

Maximum outdoor height: 250 centimeters.

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