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Black Valley is a feminized pure indica Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds with vanilla hachis taste. It provides a powerful and relaxing effect being  suitable for medicinal use.


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Feminized Black Valley Marijuana Seeds

Black Valley is a feminized pure indica Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds created by crossing the two most stable indicas from the reservoir of this bank, namely Double Glock and Kush.

Black Valley has a very similar flavor to hashish with a great presence of vanilla being an authentic intense taste for the palate.

The plant of Black Valley has a compact structure with short internodal distance and produces very thick flowers. Besides being small, these specimens offer good yields. 

Black Valley has a fast flowering period being ready in only 8 weeks if grown indoors. For outdoor crops, you should harvest it one week after the end of summer. 

Black Valley is able to produce up to 450gr / m2 on indoors, while on the outside the production can reach up to 800 grams per plant.

Since Black Valley is a pure indica it needs a little more of vegetative period than other varieties of Ripper, we are talking about three weeks before passing it to bloom. 

The plants need high amounts of nutrients so be sure to give it enough fertilizers, which must be applied in a continuous and generous manner. 

Black Valley provides a powerful and relaxing effect being suitable to relax and enjoy moments of tranquility or give it a medicinal use.

Main features of Black Valley Marijuana:

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized and medicinal

Genotype: pure Indica  (100%)

Genetic:  Double Glock y Kush

THC: High CBD: High

Indoor flowering: 60 - 65 days

Production: Medium - High both for indoors and outdoors

Outdoor harvest: One week after the end of summer.  

Maximum outdoor height: 250 centimeters.