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Y Griega CBD is a feminized Marijuana strain with very high medicinal potential, thus being strongly recommended for therapeutic users. It provides a very powerful effect harboring moderate levels of CBD and THC.

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Feminized Y Griega CBD Marijuana Seeds

Y Griega CBD was created through a special collaboration between CBD Crew and Medical Seeds. Y Griega was selected from this collaboration, a strain with the highest amount of THC, and was turned around with the aim of getting a strain with the highest amount of CBD, thus being ideal for medicinal purposes.

Y Griega CBD has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, which is a real oddity in the world of Marijuanas. Depending on how you grow it, these levels can range from 4 to 10, but always evenly matched, ie, if the THC is 4, the CBD will be 4 as well.

Thus, this strain is very suitable for medicinal growers but also for those who can not tolerate high levels of THC.

Y Griega CBD is ideal for poultices, tinctures and other medicinal recipes since it provides a soft psychoactive effect.

Y Griega CBD has a robust appearance, with wide leaves and vigorous growth. Medical Seeds advises for this reason to grow up to 16 plants per square meter, so that they can develop properly.

On a nutritional level, Y Griega CBD prefers organic fertilizer, as opposed to mineral fertilizers, not only in order to squeeze all their organoleptic potential, but also to produce a maximum yield.

Features of Y Griega CBD Marijuana:



Genotype: 60% indica

THC: 4 -10%

CBD: 4 - 10%

Cross: Y Griega x strain with high CBD levels

Indoor vegetative period: 1 to 1.5 weeks

Indoor flowering period: 63 - 70 days

Indoor production/m2: About 500 grams

Outdoor height: 2 to 3 meters

Outdoor harvest: Early October

Outdoor yield: Around 400 g.