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Mendocino Purple Kush is a feminized Marijuana strain that comes from the North of America. The resulting plants are purple, potent and develops few needs. It also has a high THC level but low CBD, although its effect is extremely narcotic.

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Feminized Mendocino Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds

Mendocino Purple Kush is a feminized Marijuana strain extrmeley popular across the Athlantic ocean, largely cultivated for decades, mainly in California. This strain is the result of crossing Purple Kush, which the cross itself was stabilized.

Mendocino Purple Kush from Medical Seeds results in a hybrid indica dominant specimen developing large and robust leaves, being strongly recommended for SOG. The entire plant acquire a distinctive purple color, especially in its resinous buds.

This plant does not require any special care and thrive fairly well with lower amounts of nutrients recommended by the manufacturers. The overfertilization is quickly noticed by leaf marks.

The THC content is high and the CBD content is low, although providing a highly narcotic effect. With Mendocino Purple Kush you can make amazing resin extractions for making hashish.

The taste is markedly earthy with sweet tones that vary depending on the phenotype. The phenotype also influence the color and the flowering time of this strain, the more green is the phenotype, sooner the harvest will be and vice versa.

Features of Mendocino Purple Kush Marijuana:



60% indica

THC: High

CBD: Low

Genotype: Mendocino Purple x Purple Kush

Indoor vegetative period: 2 weeks

Indoor flowering period: 56 - 63 days

Indoor production/m2: About 450 grams

Outdoor height: 2 - 3 meters

Outdoor harvest: Early October

Outdoor yield: 600g

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