Cheese | Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Cheese is a feminized indica dominant Marijuana strain from Lowcost that produce small-sized plants with a good production, taste and a highly appreciated aroma. It is extremely easy to grow thus being suitable for beginner growers.

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Feminized Cheese Marijuana Seeds

Cheese Marijuana has already become a classic Marijuana strain. In fact, is a plant that all growers like since is harvested early has a good taste and effect. This is the version of Lowcost and is very cheap!

The plant has a small size, is dense and highly branched. Besides that, it is extremely easy to grow thus being suitable for beginner growers.

The flowering period of Cheese in a growing room is of 45 - 55 days, while on outdoors it can be harvested in late September for the Northern hemisphere or late April for the Southern hemisphere.

The production is high ranging from 450-500 gr/m2 indoors and is even greater on outdoors. The buds are compact and thick and covered with a bright resin.

Cheese provides a typical effect of Indicas being stimulating at first and gradually evolving to a pleasant relaxation state.

Of note, and since this strain release a very attractive and heavy smell we recommend the use of anti-odor filters.

Features of Cheese Marijuana:

Genetics: Skunk

Genotype: Indica dominance

THC: not stated CBD: not stated

Flowering: 7 to 8 weeks (indoor) or late September (outdoor - northern hemisphere)

Height: not stated

Yield: 450-500 gr (indoor)


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