After months of a breeding partnership together with Sherbinski, Humboldt Seeds presents the feminized marijuana seeds Sunrise Sherbert, this celebrated American genetics already available in Experiencia Natural.

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Sunrise Sherbert Feminised Marijuana Seeds

Sunrise Sherbert feminized marijuana seeds are one of the most demanded strains among marijuana dispensaries in the USA. This is the result of the collaboration between the Sherbisnki breeder and Humboldt Seeds, to produce one of the most famous American genetics. It is a cross between the Sunset Sherbert and the 3 Kings Blueberry Headband. A strain that delight growers because its exclusive flavor, overwhelming power and very high yields.

How is it Sunrise Sherbert like?

Sunrise Sherbert is a genetic that grows quickly and full of vigor, reaching 3.5 mt outdoors. It has good lateral branches and wide leaves, with a very homogeneous development. At the end of its flowering it has very dense and thick buds, which will need support to avoid broken branches. To get the best results outdoors it is recommended to use of the ScrOG technique. Its fruits are purple and full of very appreciated resin, making it an ideal plant for extraction.

It can be harvested after in 60 to 63 days of flowering indoors, while outdoors it will be ready for collection about 2 weeks after the end of summer.

It is a easy to grow strain, but may need more nutrients than usual to provide the best outcome. It is also a variety recommended for cultivation in humid areas, due to its special resistance to moisture and fungi.

How much yield does Sunrise Sherbert produce?

The yields obtained with this genetics are surprisingly high. Outdoors they can reach a chilling 4 kilos of production while indoors they can give away up to 500 grams per square meter.

How is Sunrise Sherbert effect?

The THC values present in Sunrise Sherbert can reach 24% so its effect is very powerful. It starts in a quite euphoric and cerebral and late on time it transforms into a powerful body stimulation. It is a great strain for day use and keep moving.

What does Sunrise Sherbert taste like?

Sunrise Sherbert taste mixes different aromatic nuances, so we can say that it has a complex taste. In it we can find notes of pepper, lemon and red fruits, mixed with sweet touches, pine and lavender.

Main Features

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 70% Indica
  • Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x 3 Kings BHB
  • Cannabinoids: 21-24% THC and 0.1 CBD
  • Height: 3,5 meters (outdoors)
  • Flowering: 60 to 63 days (indoors) or 2-3 weeks after the end of summer
  • Production: up to 500 gr/m2 (indoor), outdoors up to 4000 gr per plant
  • Seedling: Spring or all year round with artificial light.
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