The fastest OG! Lost Coast OG marijuana seeds are the OG with the shortest flowering period, it is a very resistant high yield genetic. Buy Lost Coast OG with free shipping and gift.


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Lost Coast OG Feminised Marijuana Seeds

Lost Coast OG marijuana seeds is an exceptional strain with the Humboldt Seeds quality seal. Lost Coast OG is the envy of any other early flowering Indian Cannabis plant. Lost Coast OG seed is a cross between a Pakistani Indica genetic hide behind the Kush mountains and a Thai with a excelent citrus flavour.

How is Lost Coast OG structure?

These plants grow with a fairly compact size and a short intermodal distance, it is an OG with a shorter flowering period which allows enthusiasts of this plant to enjoy it outdoors more easily.

How much yield does Lost Coast OG produce?

Lost Coast OG marijuana has a very high yield, making good use of indoor spaces to reach up to 600g per square meter. While when grown outdoors with sunlight the maximum yield that it can reach are three kilos per plant.

What effect does Lost Coast OG produce?

The trip provided by Lost Coast OG is intense and exhilarating, the sensation is mainly relaxing and promotes moments of peace.

What flavor does Lost Coast OG have?

Terpenes from the Kush parental impregnate the flowers of this strain to give it an exquisite fruity aroma, with a wooden background. By the other genetics that make up this cross gets the brushstrokes of lemon flavor so characteristic of it.

How to grow Lost Coast OG?

As good genetics indicates quality Lost Coast OG produces resistant and easy to grow plants. The flowering period for indoor crops with artificial light ranges between 68 and 73 days, also when grown outdoors in sunlight the harvest will take place about three weeks after the day that ends the summer.

Lost Coast OG Characteristics

Indoor and outdoor
Genotype: 75% Indica
Genetics: Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai
Cannabinoids: Up to 22% THC and 0.1 CBD
Height: 3-5 meters (outdoors)
Flowering: between 9 and 10 weeks (indoors) or 3 weeks after the end of the summer
Yield: up to 600 gr/m2 (indoor), outdoor up to 3000 grams per plant
Plantation: Spring or all the year with artificial light.

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