707 Headband | Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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707 Headband is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain that produce large, vigorous, sturdy and easy to grow specimens.

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Feminized 707 Headband Marijuana Seeds

707 Headband is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain from Humboldt Seeds created by crossing an elite clone of Mendocino and a True OG. It produces large, vigorous, sturdy and easy to grow specimens.

hese specimens have a great internodal distance producing Sativa eaves and large secondary branches. We strongly recommend you to give some kind of support to the branches so they not break with the weight of the buds.

07 Headband is a strain very prized by tasters, since once well-cultivated harbors highly aprreciated organoleptic properties, being comprised of hebral and cítric flavors and aromas.

707 Headband provides a powerful, cerebral, timulating and durable effect.

707 Headband is a high-yielder beast, its production increases up to 600gr / m2 on indoors, while in the garden the yields can reach 4 kilograms per plant. All this in a quite short period of time lasting only 9 weeks in a growing room. On the outside, it should be collected two or three weeks after the end of summer.

Despite being a Sativa variety of considerable size, in experienced hands it can be grown perfectly well on indoors even producing an extra layer of resin.

Main features of 707 Headband Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 70% Sativa
  • Genetic:  Mendocino x True OG
  • THC: 19 - 23%
  • CBD: Low
  • Height: Up to 4 meters on outdoors.
  • Flowering: 63 days (indoors) or 2 or 3 weeks afer the end of summer.
  • Production: Up to 600 g/m2 on outdoors to 4000 gramos per plant. 


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