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The feminized seeds Quatrovarin is the last proposal of the Spanish seed bank Elite Seeds. This is a variety with an amazing capacity of developing new cannabinoids such as CBDV and THCV.


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Quatrovarin Feminized Seeds

The feminized seeds Quatrovarin belong to the Elite Seeds catalog, a Spanish seed bank that bets for the innovation and the creation of strains with new cannabinoids. The Quatrovarin gathers some of the most demanded cannabinoids by seeds enthusiasts. Thus, it concentrates CBDV, CBD, THCV and THC. It is a strain with a lot of hybrid vigor and fast flowering.

What does Quatrovarin look like?

Elite Seeds reports that Quatrovarin can produce 60% Sativa-dominant hybrid plants. These are plants that have hybrid vigor during vegetative growth and can reach medium height.

This feminized variety with high levels of new cannabinoids is able to develop plants with a compact structure, with medium internodal distance and proliferation of flowers on the central stem and on the lateral branches. The shape of the flowers is compact and they develop medium size. In addition, it can also produce a very showy resin layer during flowering, which provides a lot of aromas and is the production axis of the new cannabinoids that it treasures.

Finally, flowering takes place in a fairly short period for the characteristics of the variety. Thus, Quatrovarin can complete the flowering phase in a period ranging from 7 to 9 weeks. In the case of outdoors, the manufacturer refers to a flowering that culminates one week after the last day of summer.

Quatrovarin Production

At this moment Elite Seeds does not provide specific yield data for Quatrovarin. However, they make reference to the fact that the production capacity of this variety can be high.

Common effects

One of the most special characteristics of Quatrovarin is the ability to produce rare cannabinoids. This strain has the ability to produce a cannabinoids combination that is complicated to find in other strains. Thus, it is a cannabinoid profile composed of CBDV, CBD, THCV and THC. The ratio of presence of cannabinoids CBDV:CBD:THCV:THC is 3:5:4:4. This is why it is reported that this strain can have psychoactive effects, although it is not a very potent variety.

Organoleptic properties

Elite Seeds strains are popular for being aromatic. The Quatrovarin develops marked organoleptic properties, with notes of tropical fruits and spicy touches, although it is mainly a sweet variety.

Characteristics of Quatrovarin

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

Genetics: Not declared

Cannabinoids: Ratio CBDV:CBD:THCV:THC of 3:5:4:4

Height: Medium

Flowering: 7-9 weeks indoors, harvest in October in the Northern Hemisphere

Yield: High

Planting: Spring or year round with artificial light