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White Widow is by far the most awarded strain in recent years in Holland. The plants become white due to the THC glands that cover even the fan-shaped leaves. Smooth smoke and high power.

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Feminized White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White Widow is a legend winning countless awards and is considered to be the most potent strain ever created. In fact, our scientists have worked really hard on this powerful and vigorous specimen in order to improve and stabilize the best characteristics. Such hard work has resulted in this legendary and desirable strain that becomes completely covered with crystals being able to produce a great amount of high quality buds. White Widow is very consistant and very easy to grow in any kind of medium. The quality of this strain is particularly marked in the feminized version and has ideed become on of our best-selling references that other seed companies try to obtain. White Widow was improved several years before the majority of the seed companies were established. This is the reason why the biggest fans of White Widow do not mind to pay the small extra amount that the genuine genetics of White Widow F1 of the 80's costs: get the odor, flavor and the unmistakable intense high of this strain. Nowadays, there are several companies that have Whit Widow seeds for sale, but almost all of them are poor imitation of the original one.

Our original White Widow have all the hallmarks of the Marijuana strains. It has a potent and pungent aroma, an amazing vigor that was created through a cross between the Brazilian and Indian parentage and the crazy potent high that is feared but loved at the same time. adored. We declare that this is one of the few authentic versions on the market and we know that it will neverlet you down. Our customers love the original White Widow suitable for indoors, outdoors (in warm climates) and greenhouses.

Features of White Widow Marijuana:



Genotype: Hybrid indica

Genetics: Unreported

THC: 19% CBD: Not stated

Flowering: From 8 weeks (indoor)

Outdoor flowering: End of October (northern hemisphere)

Height: Undeclared

Yield: High