Desfrán ® | Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Desfrán® is a feminized Marijuana strain, a legendary genetics from South America and definitely the best recognized and successfully cultivated strain of the whole continent. Desfrán stands out for its adaptability to several places and climates.

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Feminized Desfrán® Marijuana Seeds

Desfrán® was created by crossing two Destroyer marijuana plants, resulting in a very strong strain.

These respected parentals have created a real winner. In fact, Desfrán is 9 times winner of several cannabis cup that occurred throughout Latin America.

This strain needs very little care and fertilizers, needing only a good soil and some space for its roots to grow without being squeezed.

By being a 100% sativa Marijuana, Desfrán develops a tall plant not being exactly discreet. Hence, we recommend to not put other strains near it as it will end up eating them literally.

During pre-flowering, it stretches a lot, tripling its size easily. This makes it highly recommended for growing in SOG or SCROG. When grown in a growing room it is advisable to give it two weeks of growth at most.

Desfrán® produces extremely resinous buds as few pure sativas do. They are compact and provie an effect totally psychedelic.

The taste is fresh, fruity with hints of pear, grapes and melon.

Marijuana Cups:
2009 Copa Del Plata, 1st Outdoor, Ivan
2011 Masters Córdoba, 1st Outdoor, Harson
2011 Masters Córdoba, 2nd Outdoor, Chirry
2011 Copa Del Mar, Champion, Alberto
2012 Copa Rio de Janeiro, Most Potency, Alberto
2012 Copa Rio de Janeiro, Most Flavor, Alberto
2012 Copa Cannabiscafé, Most Potency, Mr Cultivo
2013 Copa Del Plata, 2nd indoor, Alberto
2014 Copa CABA, 2nd indoor, Lio

Features of Desfrán® Marijuana:

Genotype: 100% Sativa

THC: undeclared CBD: undeclared

Genetics: Destroyer x Destroyer

Bloom: 10 weeks


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