Snow Bud is a feminized Marijuana strain from Dutch Passion that was created in the Swiss Alps. Hence, this strain was especially developed for the outside where it is highly performant. Its cerebral high is energetic and mild.

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Feminized Snow Bud Marijuana Seeds

Snow Bud is a feminized Marijuana strain created by Dutch Passion seed bank. This strain is called strain of great heights because it was developed in the Swiss Alps.

This hybrid harbors Afghan and South African genetics and a balanced percentage of sativa and índica genes. It can be cultivated in a growing room but definitely, this strain was created for outdoor growings. Indeed, is on the outside where it reveals its true potantial, being able to reach heights of 2 meters and to develop many lateral branches. It also provides good outcomes in a greenhouse and we recommend to protect it from high temperatures in warmer climates.

Snow Bud really stands out for its high resistance to mold and mildew and for being easy to grow. It also has a short flowering period and good performances. After about 7 to 8 weeks you can harvest the buds that become dense and compact, beautifully decorated with several white pistils that give the snowy effect, hence its name.

Besides that, Snow Bud also stands out for its fragrance and taste of and other spices, with a bittersweet background and a penetrating skunk touch. Its effect is moderate (has a level of THC ranging from 8 and 12%) that goes up gradually. It is mostly cerebral, mentally energizing and stimulates new ideas and thoughts by creating a pleasant welfare state, somewhat psychedelic.

Features of Snow Bud Marijuana:

Genotype: 60% Sativa, 40% Indica

THC: 8-12% CBD: not stated

Genetics: Afghan x South Africa

Flowering: 53 days

Harvest: mid to late October

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