King Kong is a feminized Marijuana strain highly fast and productive. Its effect is fast-acting and powerful, offering a state of happiness in which you will become totally uninhibited.

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Feminized King Kong Marijuana Seeds

King Kong Marijuana was created by crossing Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, a high-yielder sativa, and pollinated by our reversed Chronic mother.

This work has resulted in a fast flowering plant producing lots of resin and high yields being well-branched. It has a fast and vigorous growth as well as a fast flowering time for the productions that is capable of giving without compromising its quality.

Its taste is a mix of lemon, skunk and incense, with some Haze hints. The effect is fast-acting and potent, offering a state of happiness in which you will become totally uninhibited.

Is without any doubts, the ideal strain for a massive produtcion.

Features of King Kong Marijuana:


Indoor and Outdoor

Flowering period: 7 to 8 weeks

Outdoor flowering period: late September, early October

Yield: 700 - 900 gr in indoors and around a kilo per plant in outdoors

Recommended: * in aero and hydro crops, put submit it directly to a 12/12 regime * In the outside and under the sun's ultraviolet rays it can produce solid sativa buds.

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