Critical Cheese is a feminized Marijuana strain very easy to grow and highly performant. It also provides an amazing cerebral effect and a unique aroma of cheese, lemon and pine.

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Feminized Critical Cheese Marijuana Seeds

Critical Cheese Marijuana is a feminized Marijuana strain very suitable for beginner and expert growers. This strain from Dinafem is particularly well suited for temperate or continental climates and stands out for its unique aroma and taste harboring delicious nuances of lemon and cheese, along with a pine perfume. These qualities are the clear inheritance of its parents, which are the world-recognized Cheese and Critical + strains.

The plant of Critical Cheese acquires a slender structure developing abundant leaves and a lot of lateral branches. This abundant branching, makes it especially suitable for intensive cultivation systems such as Green Screen (or ScrOG). This Cannabis strain is also suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations and for greenhouses. If you plan to grow it in the garden we recommend to control its growth.

Another of the most appreciated qualities is its fast flowering time despite being a sativa. It is highly appreciated by growers has it can be collected in in late September or early October. This specimen is also very productive thus being an ideal option for commercial growers: in a growing room under optimal growing conditions it can offer you up to 600 grams per square meter, and on outdoors the yields range from 700 to 1300 grams per plant. The abundant buds are thick and very compact and are covered by a thick layer of resin.

We also recommend to use a good anti-odor filter when Critical Cheese is grown, at least in the last two weeks of the flowering period. The aroma becomes very pervasive and is easily detectable.

Critical Cheese is a strain definitely destined for sativas lovers. The effect is strongly cerebral, durable and powerful, due to its high level of THC (19%). It hits you with a very stimulating and euphoric state and is ideal for social moments. Its level of CBD is not high, being of only 0.3% (i.e, the THC/CBD ratio is 63: 1).

Features of Critical Cheese Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: hybrid, predominantly sativa

THC: 19% CBD 0.3%

Genetics: Cheese x Critical +

Flowering: 55 60 days

Crop: late September to early October

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