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Critical Kush from Dinafem is a feminized Marijuana strain that contains the best features of European and US Marijuanas. It stands out for its power and complex combination of fruity and gasoline taste.

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Feminized Critical Kush Marijuana Seeds

Critical Kush from Dinafem is a Feminized Cannabis strain that contains the best features of European and US Marijuanas. The combined Kush and Skunk Families in this wonderful cross has resulted in a strain of abundant yields, complex flavors and high power.

Specifically, Critical Kush has inherited its high production capability and fast flowering ability from Critical + and the power from Emeral OG Kush. Moreover and regarding its taste, it as the sweetness of the first and the gasoline and lemon flavor of the second.

Hence, Critical Kush stands out by its complex and tangy flavor and it relaxing and potent effect.

Besides that, this hybrid is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. In a growing room and under optimal conditions, Critical Kush can offer you up to 550 grams per square meter after a flowering period of 50 days.

It is recommendable to not amass too much the plants since they tend to produce long side branches. They also grow much in height being able to reach 3 meters high in the outside. For outdoor crops and in the Northern Hemisphere, the harvesting time is in early October.

The buds of Critical Kush are not only present in the main stem but also along the lateral branches. Due to its low ratio of leaves/flowers, the buds stands out enough being large and spongy and with abundant orange pistils that adorn their light green background.

Features of Critical Kush Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: Hybrid, Indica dominant

THC:% Undeclared CBD:% not stated

Genetics: Critical + x Emerald OG Kush

Flowering: 50 days

Crop: first week of October


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