Moby Dick #2 Marijuana is more productive and powerful than its parent. Not suitable for beginners or for unsual smokers.

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Feminized Moby Dick #2 Marijuana Seeds

Moby Dick #2 is a feminized Marijuana, this crossing of the notorious Northern Lights and the JYD Haze is dominated by its Sativa genes and is capable of producing enormous yields when grown in the right conditions.

This is a very potent plant, the effect is devastating that will put the inexperienced smoker on the couch with brutal force, so be aware.

Moby Dick #2 is especially productive in warm and Mediterranean climates, where it can have sufficient light. If grown in indoors an adequate lighting and a constant supply is demanded.

It is not the easiest plant to grow and therefore it is not recommended for first-time breeders. It requires the coordination of many details such as a controlled pH soil that should be maintained at 6 if cultivated in land, or at 5.5 if using hydroponics systems to ensure proper absorption of iron. Moreover you must have special care with magnesium and zinc levels.

It also demands a lot of fertilizer and light (about 800 watts per square meter) if cultivated in indoors.After after 60-70 days of flowering this strain can be very generous offering outcomes between 1kg and 1kg and a half per square meter. It will be ready to harvest in mid to late October in the outside with the same performance but per plant instead.

Main features of Moby Dick #2 Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype:
  • Genetics: JYD Haze x Northern Lights
  • THC: 16-20%
  • CBD: Low
  • Bloom: 60-70 days (indoor) or mid-late October (outdoor - northern hemisphere)
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