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The feminized Gorilla marijuana seeds from the Dinafem are a new chapter in the history of this seedbank. After introducing us to their huge purple whale, they now arrive with the Gorilla that promises an overwhelming Indica power and great yields.


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Feminized Gorilla marijuana seeds

The Gorilla feminised seeds is one of the new Dinafem Seeds strains and comes directly from the USA to conquer the whole world. This genetics, which was formed in an accidental way when a male Chem Sister pollinated a female Sour Dubb, already carries a couple of cannabic cups on his back since 2014. With overwhelming power and high yields, it is a strain that promises to seduce all who try it.

Gorilla is a easy to grow plant, which needs nutrients in its proper measure and its a little bit sensitive to mold, so try to keep it as dry as possible. Some pruning is recommended, mainly in the lower part of the plant.

Gorilla structure is typical of a hybrid plant, with a medium to high height and a medium internodal distance. At the end of flowering it is a plant with large, dense buds with a thick layer of resin and large, sticky trichomes. That is why in the USA it is called Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla's yield is good and has high quality flowers. When grown outdoors in sunlight, its yield can reach 1000 grams per plant and is harvested about two weeks after the end of summer. In indoor crops, with artificial lights, this plant is ready in about 58-63 days of flowering and its yields can reach 500 grams per square meter.

Gorilla has a very complex taste and aroma as it mixes flavours from its different ancestors. In it you can find strong notes of gasoline along with a strong taste of acid earth. It is a strain that produces a large amount of terpenes.

Gorilla's effect is very powerful and overwhelming. With a high level of THC (can reach 25%) and a strong Indica component, its high is very relaxing and sedative, which leaves anyone who tries it lying on the sofa. Ideal for night use.

Characteristics of Marijuana Gorilla

  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 60% Indica Hybrid
  • Genetics: Chocolate Diesel x Chem Sister x Sour Dubb
  • Cannabinoids: 25% THC; CBD 0.1%.
  • Height: Outdoors up to 3 meters.
  • Flowering: 58 - 63 days (indoor) or 2 weeks after end of summer
  • Yield: Up to 500 g/m2 outdoors up to 1000 grams per plant.
  • Plantation: Spring or all year round with artificial light