CBD Critical Cure is a feminized Marijuana strain representing a new medicinal strain to soothe pain. It is easy to grow and has a moderate THC level.

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Feminized CBD Critical Cure Marijuana Seeds

CBD Critical Cure is a new Cannabis strain created by Barney's Farm and CBD Crew. These seed banks aimed to improve the medicinal applications of Marijuana and have managed to change, gradually, the perception of this plant.

This collaboration has resulted in a small and powerful plant with high and moderate levels of CBD and THC, respectively. CBD Critical Cure reach height ranging from 50 to 70 cm, thus bein very suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations.

This strain is recommended for patients suffering from severe pains, needing a plant with an analgesic and a potent effect but not too stoned to make their daily lives normally.

Besides that, you do'nt need to be an experienced grower to cultivate CBD Critical Cure since it is easy to grown although being tiny and develops large branches that bend under the weight of the buds. Such production reach volumed of about 400 grams per square meter.

Features of CBD Critical Cure Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: indica Marijuana

THC 8.5% CBD 6.5%

Genetics: Critical Kush x mother CBD Crew

Flowering: 60 to 65 days

Crop: late September


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