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Chronic Thunder is n extremely medicinal feminized Marijuana strain due to its high levels of THC and CBD. It is easy to grow, high-yielder and harvested in about 8 weeks.


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Feminized Chronic Thunder Marijuana Seeds

Chronic Thunder from Barney's Farm is a hybrid indica dominant Marijuana strain strain created by crossing Chronic and Alaskan Thunder.

The plant is able to reach moderate heights not ususally exceeding 1 meter high. In fact, it quite high for an indica dominant strain so we recommend to control its growth, especially in confined crop areas.

Chronic Thunder is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations and is very easy to grow, thus being ideal for begiiner growers. Nonetheless, some care must be taken concerning the moisture level as it is quite susceptible to it. In this way, Chronic Thunder is not suitable for hydroponic systems. The best environment for this strain is a cool, dry weather.

This plant is high.yielder and under optimal growing conditions it is able to offer 500 grams per square meter. We recommend to give some kind os support to the branches during the flowering time as otherwise they can bend or be damaged by the weight of the buds. Chronic Thunder can be collected after 8 to 9 weeks in a growing room, or between late September and early October on outdoors.

This specimen produce big and attractive buds due to the amount of orange pistils they bear and release a scent like gasoline and earth, with acids, pepper and spicy tones. This perfume is also felt in the mouth.

Chronic Thunder is a Marijuana strain with medicinal properties not only due to its high level of THC (supposed to be around 20%) but by its very high level of CBD which can exceed 4%. Among other therapeutic applications, Chronic Thunder can be used to combat insomnia, for pain relief and to calm nauseas.

Moreover, this strain has a very potent, fast-acting effect and will leave you levered on the couch. Not recommended for daytime use, for work or for social situations.

Features of Chronic Thunder Marijuana:


Indoor and Outdoor

Genotype: Indica dominant

THC: more than 20% CBD: High, but unspecified

Genetics: Chronic x Alaskan Thunder

Bloom 57 to 62 days

Crop: late September to early October

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