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Vanilla Kush is a feminized Marijuana strain that has everything: delicious smell and taste, powerful effect, easy cultivation and high performance. This strain is very easy to grow and is reistant to mold and mildew.

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Feminized Vanilla Kush Marijuana Seeds

Vanilla Kush is a strain of Marijuana that stands out for its taste and smell and for its effect. It is a perfect strain for the most demanding growers that care for every detail.

Indeed, Vanilla Kush is a strain that is felt through the senses, and especially through the aroma. The most gourmets appreciate greatly its sweet aroma of vanilla and lavender with hints of pine and orange and its exquisite and light taste being a delight for the palate.

Vanilla Kush provides a very potent and durable effect. It is cheerful and elated but also relaxing and sleepy. In this way, this strain is a great choice before going to sleep since it contains 22% of THC concentration. Considering its powerful effect, Vanilla Kush is not recommended for begginers nor for those who tend to feel paranoia.

Vanilla Kush from Barney's Farm also stands out for having a high percentage of CBD ( 1.2%), which can also be used medicinally. In fact, this strain can be widely used to to combat stress, insomnia and chronic pain and can also help in cases of depression and headaches.

Getting a good result from this plant with a good aroma, taste and high is available to anyone. Vanilla Kush is very easy to grow.

This plant grows squat and compact developing a fir-like structure having a fast growth. Due to its size it is perfect for small growing areas not usually exceeding 90 cm high. Since it is not too branched the plants can be put close to each other.

This strain does not demand much care nor require large amounts of fertilizer. It tolerates fairly well fertilizer imbalances, be their in excess or in lack also tolerating temperature fluctuations. Besides that, it is highly resistant to fungus and mold.

In order to potentiate the harvest, Vanilla Kush can be cultivated using intensive cultivation systems like Sea of ​​Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG). We recommend however to avoid making large prunings. It is much better to just do a simple apical pruning. Vanilla Kush is very high yielder. Optimally and after 9 weeks of flowering you can get productions of up to 600g per square meter of abundant resinous buds dipped.

Its ease of cultivation and high productions are greatly appreciated by commercial growers.

Vanilla Kush won the Marijuana Cup in 2009.

Features of Vanilla Kush Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: hybrid, with Indica dominance

THC: 22 % CBD 1.2%

Genetics: Afghan Kush x Kashmir

Flowering: 60-65 days

Crop: in late September