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Top Dawg is a hybrid feminized Marijuana highly productive. It has a delicious pineapple aroma and calming effect that hits both the body and the mind.


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Feminized Top Dawg Marijuana Seeds

Top Dawg is a new hybrid which combines the two worlds of Marijuana: a south Sativa from Mexico and a Indica Kush from Afghanistan. It provides a relaxing high hitting both the body and the mind and a delicious sweet pineaplle taste.

This strain has a indica structure being stylized and elongated. It has a fast growth and a compact structure looking like a Christmas tree. It develops several long and solid lateral branches and therefore many leaves. In this way, Top Dawg is perfect for intensive cultivations systems like SoG (Sea of ​​Green) and ScrOG (Screen of Green), especially in the latter. We do not recommend to prune it much, especially the apical bud.

Despite reaching heights ranging from 70 to 80 centimeters, it may surpass the 1.5 meters high. You can potentiate its growth period if you give it a permanent light for 24 hours. In any case, do not place the plants too close to each other since this specimen needs some space to develop well, especially in vertical.

Top Dawg is very easy to grow and does not demand any special care thus being perfect for beginner growers. It tolerates fairly well any excess or lack of fertilzers and is quite resistant to low temperatures.

This strain is able to offer generous yields that can reach 400g per square meter. In fact, this strain is one of the favorite of commercial growers who need abundant crops. It produces fantastic solid and fat buds that grow not only in the central stem but also along the side branches. Due to the amount and size of these buds, we recommend to give it any kind of support like sticks or bamboo grids.

Top Dawg gives off a delicious pineapple aroma that is accompanied with a refreshing eucalyptus taste. Moreover, it provides a cerebral and fast-acting high, being euphoric at first becoming gradually relaxing at the body level.

Top Dawg was the winner of the Marijuana Cup in 2007 in the Indica category.

Features of Top Dawg Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: hybrid

THC 19% CBD 1.3%

Genetics: Mexican x Afghan Kush

Flowering: 60 to 70 days

Crop: in early October