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Crimea Blue is a feminized Marijuana strain with a complex, sweet and spicy taste and prolonged psychoactive high. Very easy to grow and suitable for beginners.


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Feminized Crimea Blue Marijuana Seeds

Crimea Blue was created by crossing a delicious Blueberry with a fresh taste and a strain coming from Crimea with a hot taste. In this way, Crimea Blue has a unique flavor and provides a pleasant and relaxing high.

This plant remains quite small not usually exceeding 65 cm. It has a Christmas tree-like appearance and is suitable both for indoors and outdoors.

Due to its height it offers tha advantage to be grown in reduced cultivation areas. It is very suitable intensive cultivation systems like Sea of ​​Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCRoG), and you can put them one near the other.

Crimea Blue is a perfect choice for beginner growers since it is very easy to grow. Besides not demanding any special care or too much fertilizer is also highly resistant to environment modifications tolerating fairly well both the cold and the heat. Althoug of small size, this strain offers outstanding yields being able to render 450g per square meter.

In the outside however, this strain needs more fertilizer and more space so it can develop optimally its lateral branches that will be abundant and solid. Hence, the plant will look loke a pure Indica with a fine flower/leaf ratio besides being highly resistant to fungus. You can maximize the outcomes by doing an apical pruning.

In both indoors and outdoors, Crimea Blue produces fat buds all along the lateral branches, both indoors and outdoors. The buds look like dense and fluffy tails. We recommend to give it some kind of support so the branches can support its wieght. The flowering period lasts 8 or 9 weeks, althoug in maritime climates the plant may need two weeks more. During this phase the leaves becomes blue and the buds acquire lavender tones and become completely covered by a sticky layer of trichomes.

Once harvested and manicured, the buds are pretty compressed, and go from being aired to get compact and hard.

The perfume of Crimea Blue has a very penetrating aroma so it is recommendable to use a good ventilation system to not attract any kind of attentions. The flavor is complex, sour and spicy besides having lemony and pine hints and a fruity aftertaste. In its perfume you will also feel nuances of honey, licorice and a slight bitter background.

This Cannabis strain has high levels of THC and the high is mainly corporal. It can be used to go to sleep or to be levered but it is also ideal to have some good thoughts and some inspiration. It can also be used medicinally to treat depression or to relieve the pain but it is strongly recommended for cases of nausea, stress or fatigue.

Crimea Blue won the Marijuana Cup in 2007 in the Indica category.

Features of Crimea Blue Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: indica

THC 18.5% CBD 1.4%

Genetics: Ukrainian/Blueberry

Flowering: 50 to 55 days

Crop: mid or late September