This TT extractor has two speeds and has been especially developed for renewing the room air culture, especially for plants grown in small rooms or closets. If you can not afford for a radial extractor, this is the most appropriate option for you.

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TT Extractor Two Speeds for Growing Marijuana

TT extractor is halfway between a normal and a radial extractor, it provides more power than the first but being cheaper than the second. Recommended for indoor Marijuana plants, especially for plants grown in small rooms or closets.

It has two speeds that can be programmed through the junction box made of ABS plastic. It is extremely robust and incorporates an overheating protection system and IP4 protection. It has a capacity ranging from 145 m3/h 280 m3/h that can be selected according to size and speed. This is a potent and economical option without reaching the price of radial extractors.

The TT extractor has been especially developed for renewing the room air culture and to maintain optimal levels of humidity and temperature, the ideal is to maintain a temperature ranging from 23 and 26 degrees and a humidity level ranging from 45 and 60% of moisture, depending on the time of culture.

To know the amoutn of air your crop needs, multiply the width x height x depth in your precinct to know the cubic meters of the crop, and multiply the result by 30. The resulting number corresponds to the number of times you need to renew the air per hour.

This TT extractor does not have a cable included is available in 2 sizes:

  • Witdth of 100m in diameter + capacity of 145 or 187 m3/h
  • Witdth of 125mm in diameter + capacity of 220 or 280 m3/h
  • Witdth of 150mm in diameter + capacity of 405 or 520 m3/h
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