The E2 Sileo Rvk Extractor is a tubular extractor for indoor Marijuana cultivations. It is the most economical option in top quality extractors category.

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E2 Sileo RVK Extractor for Growing Marijuana

The E2 Sileo RVK Extractor is a tubular extractor for indoor Marijuana cultivations. It is very powerful and very silent being considered by many as the most potent and quiested extractor on the market. Besides that, it has a great quality/price ratio being the cheapest option in top quality extractors category.

This extractor is made by a PA6 plastic reinforced with fiberglass for a greater efficiency and its blades bent backward and its external rotor motor ensures a maximum efficiency with a minimal noise.

Extractors are used to renew the air of the indoor cultivation spaces and to keep a correct temperature. In fact, plants stop growing when there is excessive heat in the growroom, this is their way to defend themselves from the environment. Optimum air temperatures are between 26-28 °C in the aereal zone and 22-23 °C in the root zone.

To know the amount of air your crop needs, multiply the width x height x depth in your enclosure in order to know the cubic meters occupied by the crop and multiply the resulting number by 30. The result will correspond to the number of times you will have to renew the air per hour.

In our shop you will find E2 Sileo RVK Extractor available in 3 different sizes:

  • 100mm of diameter + capacity of 184 m3/h
  • 125mm of diameter + capacity of 220 m3/h
  • 150mm of diameter + capacity of 428 m3/h
  • 200mm of diameter + capacity of 796 m3/h

Suitable for all kinds of indoor crops.

Technical Specifications of the E2 SILEO RVK:


Noise level:


184 m3/hour

34.5 dB 29.1 Amps Watts

1.7Kg 0.171


220 m3/hour

37.5 dB 29.2 Watts

0.172 Amps 1.8kg


428 m3/hour

40.6 dB 59.2 Watts
0.262 Amps 2.6Kg


796 m3/hour 42 dB

104 Watts 0.46 Amps 3.2Kg


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