The Double Power Extractor from PrimaKlima is an powerful extractor with two speeds for indoor Marijuana crops. In this way, you can adjust its power according to the needs of your cultivation as well as the season.

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Double Power Extractor for Growing Marijuana

The Double Power Extractor from PrimaKlima is an extractor for indoor Cannabis crops with several advantages when compared with other extractors.

On the one hand, the two speeds available are controlled by a switch. Since you can control the extraction level, you will also be able to control the noise thus maintaining a higher control on the variables of your culture that can attract the attention of neighbors.

In colder temperatures speed 1 sufice, and when temperatures tend to rise, speed 2 will keep temperatures in check in the grow space meaning that a single extractor works better in keeping constant temperature, between 26-28 °C in the aereal zone and 22-23 °C in the root zone.

On the other hand, this Double Power Extractor includes supports, injected plugs and cord, so you just have to fix it to the wall and turn it on. Easier is impossible!

Speed 1 has an exhaust air flow of 230m3/h and speed 2 of 360m3/h (125mm) and for speed 150mm it offers 380 m3/h at 1 and 760 m3/h at 2. To know the amount of air your crop needs, multiply the width x height x depth in your enclosure in order to know the cubic meters occupied by the crop and multiply the resulting number by 30. The result will correspond to the number of times you will have to renew the air per hour.

In sum, a perfect extractor for all types of indoor growings that offers much more than it costs.

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