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Lumii Slim is a new electronic ballast with dimmable power, ultra light and with a modern look. It allows to produce up to 15% more power thanks to its booster function, while saving energy.

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Lumii Slim Electronic dimmable ballast for marijuana cultivation

Lumii Slim is a new ballast that offers the latest technology in dimmable electronic ballasts. With a modern design and a very light weight (it weighs only 1.6kg) it is a ballast that offers more lumens per watt consumed, allowing energy savings. It is a very silent ballast with its own ventilation, which allows it to work no matter the temperature in the room.

In relation to the energy consumption of Lumii Slim, it can offer up to 30% more light than a electromagnetic ballast, so with the same cost of light it can offer much more substantial yields.

The Lumii Slim ballast has a tactile system to regulate the light power and has 3 positions: 400, 600 and booster function, the last one allows you to obtain even up to 15% more power, if you need it at any point in the life of the plant. All power changes can be done without changing the bulb and without forcing it.

Lumii Slim can be used with any bulb, both HPS and MH, available in the market even though, for greater performance, it is recommended to use 600w HPS bulbs.

Main features of Lumii Slim:

  • Electronic ballast with dimmable power: 400 / 600 / 690
  • Valid for HPS and MH lamps
  • Ventilated, to keep its temperature lower
  • Booster function, offering 15% more power
  • Very light, weighs only 1.6kg
  • Only 5 minutes to get full spectrum
  • Operates at 220-240V


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