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Muskaria is an Agrobacteria product that acts as a revitalizer and recuperator after fungal diseases. 

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Muskaria revitalizer for growing marijuana

Muskaria marijuana plant revitalizer is a product from Agrobacterias, highly recommended for use after fungal diseases. This type of diseases weakens the plant and revitalizers are essential for early recovery.

This product is composed by microelements, organic acids and amino acids, which help plants recover from stress and physiopathies caused by fungal diseases. At the same time, this product is an enzyme bio-activator, which helps to improve plant vigor after treatment.

Composition: Nitrogen (N): 0.8%; Manganese (Mn)*: 1.3%; Zinc (Zn)*: 0.5%; Boron*: 0.25%; Specific Weight: 1.1 Kg/L; pH: 4.2

How to use: Dissolve 3-6 ml. x 1 L. of water and spray or water.

100% natural. Suitable for organic farming.


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