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The Dutch Passion Blueberry strain is a legend in the history of Cannabis, as well as a champion in the biggest tasting competitions. A great producer under optimal conditions, it is a bushy and robust plant with red, purple and, above all, blue hues.


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Dutch Passion Blueberry feminized seeds

The Blueberry marijuana seeds from Dutch Passion are a Cannabis legend, this is the mother of all blue strains awarded at the most prestigious competitions for decades.

The iconic Blueberry was created in its original version in the 70s, then was first commercially introduced to the Dutch market in 1998, causing a sensation wherever it went. Along with Blueberry, the same year saw the introduction of its first commercial derivatives, such as Blue Velvet, Blue Moonshine, Flo and Blue Heaven, which were the distinguished members of the first Blue Family. All of them were produced by the legendary marijuana breeder DJ Short and adopted by Dutch Passion, in a cooperation with the Canadian breeder.  

What is Blueberry like?

It is an Indica-dominant strain (80% Indica) born in the late 70s. Its genetics are mainly composed of an Afghani Indica, while its Sativa side is provided by a Thai and, to a lesser extent, also by an Oaxacan (Mexican) variety. This unique triple cross is the genetic basis of the Blueberry strain, a big yielder under optimal conditions, bushy and robust, which manifests itself in red, purple and finally blue hues.

The indoor flowering period of Blueberry feminized is approximately 9 weeks. For outdoor crops, this strain is usually harvested 1 to 2 weeks after the end of summer, being in the latter environment where the largest specimens, up to 2.5 meters in height, can be appreciated.

Regular Blueberry growers often like to have a lot of seeds to find a special mother plant. It is easy to get cuttings from this plant, and they never get tired of the excellent quality of Blueberry buds.

This strain is not the easiest to grow, nor is it the most complicated, it is generally classed as medium difficulty, as it is demanding in terms of growing conditions. Blueberry wants good treatment, stability, plenty of light and optimal nutrient management.

Blueberry's production capacity

The legendary Blueberry seed is a good yielder, mainly because of its compact and very resinous flowers. It is also very easy to manicure, because at the end of flowering it does not have many leaves.

According to the Dutch Passion seed bank, Blueberry is a strain with an average production capacity. Undoubtedly, a strain that puts quality over quantity.

Most common effects of Blueberry

The Blueberry strain tends to produce a very balanced effect, although it is very indica dominant, the sativa genes provide the clarity and sparkle needed to create an almost perfect combination. The Dutch Passion bank reports that it can produce up to 20% THC.

Organoleptic properties

The final product has a very fruity aroma and blueberry flavour. It produces a remarkable and pleasurable euphoria of the highest quality and long-lasting effect. Medium to large calyxes. "Blueberry has a long life span. 

In addition, it has won the Cannabis Champions Cup.

  • 1st Prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000.
  • 3rd Prize at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Characteristics of Blueberry



Genotype: 80% Indica

Genetics: Not declared

THC: 20% CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 9 weeks (indoor)

Flowering outdoor: Early to mid-October (Northern Hemisphere)

Height: Up to 2.5m outdoors

Production: Medium-high