The Colibri Gas is a premium butane gas without impurities that can be used to BHO extractions, recharge lighters or recharge the Iolite and Wispr vaporizers.

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Colibri Gas Smoker's paraphernalia

Colibri Gas is a butane gas manufactured with the highest quality standards, it is known for being the cleanest gas on the market. Due to its manufacturing processes it has almost no impurities.

The absence of impurities in the Colibri Gas is particularly important when it comes to its use for BHO extrations. It is extremely important to take care in this process, and use a gas as pure as possible, so no impurities will be added to the extracted resin. The impurities associated with butane gas can be harmful to the human body.

The Colibri Gas can also be used to recharge lighters and Iolite and Wispr vaporizers. In these cases its low level of impurities helps to keep the valves clean and to reduce the alterations in taste that can be caused by impurities during the ignition of the flame, both in the lighter and in the vaporizers.

For these reasons, Colibri Gas is the best choice when you need the highest quality butane gas!

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