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The Kleaner Urea is an groundbreaking product from the Kleaner brand designed to cope  urine controls and pass them without any problem. Unlike other products on the market, this product is not a cleaner but a substitute.

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Kleaner Urea

Kleaner Urea is an revolutionary product developed by Kleaner, especially designed to pass the urine drug test, that are usually done when looking for a new job or similar. Kleaner Urea is available in 30ml bottles.

Regular users of THC or other drugs usually get positive test even more than 15 days after their last use, even if they are not under the influence of THC or other drugs. That's why Kleaner Urea was created.

Kleaner Urea, unlike the vast majority of products designed for urine controls, is not a cleanser, but acts as a substitute for the biological material itself.

This product should not be consumed and is extremely easy to transport and very discreet, so it can be carried without raising suspicions. Thanks to its opening mechanism, it can be operated with one hand.

The characteristics of Kleaner Urea, both in colour and in concentrations of metabolites, are similar to those of human urine and should not be suspected.

Ingredients: Water, Urea, Melia Azadirachta extract, Benzoate.

Available in a 30ml jar.


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