Original Amnesia Auto is the autoflowering version of Original Amnesia, one of the most potent specimens from Dinafem. It is a sativa-like plant with a demolishing potency being high yielder and with an incensed aroma.

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Original Amnesia Auto Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Original Amnesia Auto is the most potent specimen from Dinafem Seeds. It is a vigorous and high plant with a sativa appearance and with long internodal spaces facilitating the light to reach all parts of the plant. Besides that, it develops flowers of huge dimensions with high quality buds that release and incense smell.

This incensed aroma will be also present when smoking besides giving you a a strong, long-lasting cerebral effect. In fact, Original Amnesia Auto allows you to travel to outer space reaching a very pleasant state. Nevertheless, and has its name suggests, it can cause memory loss when smoking too much.

The plants grow generally enough for an automatic strain being capable of reaching between 75cm and 1 meter and a half in height and due to its sativa heritage its flowering time takes a bit more than other automatic strains. Indeed, you will have to wait 85 days to collect productions ranging from 75-150 grams per square meter indoors or betwenn 100-250 grams per plant outdoors.

For indoor growings we recomend the use of some kind of support.

Features of Original Amnesia Auto Marijuana:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering
  • Genetics: Haze Auto x Original Amnesia
  • THC: 9-13%
  • CBD: medium
  • Flowering: 75-85 days (indoor and outdoor - northern hemisphere)
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