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Critical Jack Auto is the improved automatic version of Critical Jack. It has an exceptional quality and a super fast flowering.

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Critical Jack Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Critical Jack Auto is the automatic version of Critical Jack created by crossing Critical Jack and Roadrunner Auto. This cross has resulted in autoflowering speciment capable of producing more than its parental and with a greater quality making it very distinct from other strains.

It has a quite intense and balanced effect evolving to a state of deep corporal relaxation. Hence, it is an ideal weed for relaxing evenings surrounded with friends also having medicinal properties. This amazing strain harbors a sweet caramelized flavor along with citric, spicy and woody hints. In sum, this is an irresistble candy.

The plants retain the vigor of Critical Jack but with a higher productivity thus leading to taller platns (50-100cm) and greater yields. It is the ideal strain for growers looking for top quality crops in a fast and simple way.

Like every strain, it requires optimal growing conditions to deploy its full potential. In this way, we recommend to give a lot of light (20-24h regime with a 600W HPS lamp), a moderate ventilation and a rich nutrient substrate to be able to reach 1 meter in height and to get higher yields.

Nonetheless, the quality of the crops Critical Jack Auto does not change whatever are the growing conditions, afecting only its productivity. In fact, these specimens will always produce thick and compact buds totally covered with huge trichomes and an irresistible sweet aroma with hints of lemon and frankincense. In only 70-80 days, you will be able to collect great returns of between 100-230 grams per plant outdoors and 25-100 grams per square meter indoors.

Features of Critical Jack Auto Marijiuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering
  • Genetics: Critical Jack x Roadrunner Auto
  • THC: 10-14%
  • CBD: medium-high
  • Bloom: 70-80 days (indoor and outdoor - hemisphere north)