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The Sugar Black Rose collector seeds from Delicious Seeds seedbank are now available. This is a Skunk-influenced Indica strain with pronounced citrus aromas. 


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Sugar Black Rose feminized marijuana seeds by Elite Seeds

The Sugar Black Rose feminized photodependent seeds belong to the catalogue of Delicious Seeds seed bank. According to the seed bank itself, it is one of the most aromatic Indicas they have ever had in their hands. To obtain these seeds for collectors, Delicious Seeds' geneticists crossed a special Critical Mass clone with one of the most valued strains in the seed bank's stock, Black Domina, original from 1998. Sugar Black Rose is one of the best representatives of the "domina" phenotype, one of the most appreciated by the cannabis enthusiasts. 

What does Sugar Black Rose look like?

The feminized Sugar Black Rose strain can give rise to specimens with a typical Indica structure, and they meet all the morphological characteristics of this sub-genre. In this way, this strain can produce short, compact, Christmas tree-like specimens. The breeders at Delicious Seeds report that with enough space, this strain can thrive, with plenty of side branches and a proliferation of large, rocky flowers. 

Sugar Black Rose specimens can complete the flowering stage in a period ranging from 50 to 55 days, which is a short period of time, typical of the Indica subgenus. In the case of outdoor gardening, this feminized strain will be able to complete flowering by the last week of summer. 

Sugar Black Rose yields

The Indica subgenus is popular with enthusiasts because of the good yield ratio that individuals can produce. Production tests of Sugar Black Rose found average indoor yields of up to 450 grams per square metre. Outdoors, this strain fared even better, yielding up to 900 grams per plant. This is because Sugar Black Rose can develop very long secondary branches in outdoor crops.

Common effects

The feminised Sugar Black Rose can produce the classic psychoactive effects of the Indica subgenus. Again, this strain takes characteristics from its parents such as the production of active cannabinoids. In this case, cannabinoid tests showed a THC generating capacity of up to 25%.

Organoleptic properties

As mentioned, Sugar Black Rose is a strain with pronounced, citrusy aromas. Thus, the presence of terpenes such as limonene is assumed. On the other hand, the organoleptic properties also have Skunk hints, so the terpene profile may also be marked by myrcene

Characteristics of Sugar Black Rose

  • Feminized
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: 80% Indica
  • Genetics: Critical Mass x Black Domina
  • THC: 25%.
  • CBD: Not declared
  • Flowering time: 55 days indoors and around the last week of summer outdoors.
  • Yield: 450 grams per square meter indoors and up to 900 grams per plant outdoors