Vermilix | Cultivation of Marijuana


Vermilix is ​​a liquid worm humus fertilizer for growing Marijuana.


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Vermilix for Growing Marijuana

Features and mode of action: vermicompost microfiltration extract. It is a solution mainly comprising humic and fluvic acids dissolved in water, extracted from pure vermicompost allowing the soil to be provided with organic matter by means of an irrigation system (sprinkler, drip, oozing, blanket, etc...).

It facilitates the absorption of nutrients needed by the plant. It is an important fertilization complement that stimulates the development of roots and stems. It increases the effectiveness of the us of fertilizers which allows us to reduce the dosage of fertilizer. It improves the soil structure by promoting aeration, regulating water infiltration speed and improving the soil's buffer capacity.

It also increases the chlorophyl content of plants enhancing the colour of flowers and fruit. By being liquid it can be: fast acting and has an immediate advantage over other solid amendments. It can be more comfortable, easy to use, versatile and time saving. All of which translates to profitability.


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